2nd edition battle report
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2nd edition battle report

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So we decided to play Tears of Blood from the 2nd edition rule book. A little like the Treasure unit senario from the 3rd edition demo box where you need to return treasure back to your depolyment zone.

This was 1000Pts Obsidian Serpent Vs Blackbood Empire.

Obsidian Serpent
Lotus eater (adamantite Golem, Stone Shield)
Obsidian Guard
Dragon Clan Slaves

Goblin Myrmadon
Crimson Blades
Katura Lancer

BlackBloods won out with the Alchemist running amok with his Fire Bomb on the Axemen and the Troll getting into the back field and shredding the elves bowmen.
Everything didn't go their way as the Goblin myrmadon when beserk and rolled a 20 killing all the riders!!
Some lucky shooting by the Blackblood composite bows took down the Obsidian Guard. The Lotus eater managed to summon the Adamantite golem too late in the game to make much of a difference and his only concelation was escaping with his life and a treasure token as well!
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